Ride Saturday, June 29

Saturday, we have two ride options for you. You may ride to Cannon Falls, stop at Hi-Quality Bakery for a treat, and then return home. Or, you may add nearly 30 miles and continue on through White Rock, Vasa, Welch, and Miesville where we’ll stop again before returning to Rosemount. The ride will start at 08:00 and the weather forecast for the ride is mixed clouds and sun with temps 76 to 87 degrees and winds SSE at 5 to 7 mph.

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No Group Ride this Weekend

It's supposed to rain all weekend, so there won't be a group ride this week. If you want to get in some miles in the next few days, it looks like you'll want to get out on Monday.

Our club's Garneau kit order and 120 pairs of custom-made RCC socks have arrived at Grand Performance, and I'm going to pick them up this weekend. I'll distribute your Garneau purchases and sell the socks at our rides.

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Ride Sunday, March 31

Let's take advantage of (better) weather forecast for Sunday and ride at 13:00 (1 PM) that afternoon, instead of Saturday. We will follow the Orchard Lake route counter clockwise. The full route is 45 miles, and you can shorten that by ten miles by returning to Rosemount via Hwy 3. We’ll make a pit stop at Orchard Lake, even though the rest rooms will probably be closed.

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Order Your 2019 Club Kit

For 2019, we are again offering custom RCC clothing from Louis Garneau. You may go to their store now to order our new arm warmers and our 2018 jersey and bib shorts, which are available in men’s cuts. Garneau's store for RCC is open until Thursday, March 21 at 11 PM, and it is time to order and pay for your 2019 club kit. Your next opportunity to order a these items will be 2021, or later.

Those of you who own the 2018 kit know the quality and fit of the Garneau kit. And, if you have the 2018 shorts, you know that they have an incredibly comfortable chamois.

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Rides Sat, Sun, April 21–22

It has been three weeks since our last outdoor ride, and I bet you're as frustrated as I am about this spring weather. To try to make up for lost time, I'm planning to do two rides this weekend. Neither ride will be fast or furious, until the end, because most of us have spring legs and we need to keep everyone together and having fun. There's both a morning and an afternoon ride, so hopefully you can make it to one or both of them.

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Club Kit Order Update

Today, I received a report of our club's orders from Garneau and I'm happy to report that we exceeded the minimums for all items and everyone has paid for the items they selected during the pre-order period. Thank you for your participation and attentiveness throughout the ordering process. Garneau received orders from 35 people for a total of 98 items. Some of you ordered both men's and women's items and others order multiple items. I think you all appreciated how our sponsor dollars helped cut the prices. In fact, you took full advantage and used all of the available funds and then some.

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It's Time to Pre-Order 2018 Club Gear

Garneau's store for RCC will re-open soon. We are setting the final pricing before we open the store again around February 6.

There was a two-step ordering process, so we can estimate interest and final pricing:

  1. Select the items that you plan to purchase, and check out.
  2. About a week later you will return to the store to see the final pricing and pay for those items.
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