Ride Routes

Routes start from 14903 South Robert Trail, Rosemount Minnesota, proceed to a destination, and return to the start. At the destination city, we often stop at a pastry shop, gas station, or public park to refuel our bodies and a nature break. The routes below are listed alphabetically by destination city. You may download these routes to your navigation device and follow the course during your ride.

Tip: Before your ride, look at the wind direction and pick a route that provides a tail wind on the way back to your starting point.


Cannon Falls

Distance: 56 miles; 90 km

Direction: Southeast

A favorite for many riders.

Cannon Falls and Welch

Distance: 86 miles; 138 km

Direction: Southeast

Castle Rock

Distance: 47 miles; 76 km

Direction: South

This is a shorter version of the Northfield route. The alternate route avoids CR 46 / 160th Street and Pilot Knob Road.


Distance: 25 miles; 40 km

Direction: South and East


Distance: 38 miles; 61 km

Direction: East

Hastings and Hampton

Distance: 49 miles; 79 km

Direction: East and South

Hastings Revenna Trail

Distance: 58 miles; 93 km

Direction: East

Inver Grove Heights and Mendota Heights

Distance: 42 miles; 67 km

Direction: North

Minneapolis Greenway

Distance: 54 miles; 86 km

Direction: North Northwest


Distance: 56 miles; 90 km

Direction: South

Orchard Lake

Distance: 45 miles; 72 km

Direction: Southwest

Prior Lake

Distance: 48 miles; 76 km

Direction: West and Northwest

The primary route is prone to flooding and the alternate route avoids the Minnesota River valley.

Red Wing

Distance: 84 miles; 136 km

Direction: East Southeast

St Paul Marshall Ave

Distance: 47 miles; 76 km

Direction: North

St Paul Summit Ave

Distance: 48 miles; 76 km

Direction: North

West St Paul

Distance: 29 miles; 47 km

Direction: North