No Group Ride this Weekend

It's supposed to rain all weekend, so there won't be a group ride this week. If you want to get in some miles in the next few days, it looks like you'll want to get out on Monday.

Our club's Garneau kit order and 120 pairs of custom-made RCC socks have arrived at Grand Performance, and I'm going to pick them up this weekend. I'll distribute your Garneau purchases and sell the socks at our rides.

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Ride Saturday, May 4

The weather Saturday is looking superb with moderate winds from the southwest, so we’ll leave Starbucks at 08:00 and ride to Prior Lake. Due to flooding around the Minnesota River, we’ll follow a route that combines the Orchard Lake and Prior Lake routes, like we did last July. In Prior Lake, we’ll stop at Edelweiss Bakery. The full route is 55 miles, and you can shorten it by 10 miles by going north via Hwy 3 from Farmington.

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Ride Sunday, April 28

You’ve heard the saying about April showers, right? Well, rain showers are coming Saturday (and some more coming next week) so we will ride on Sunday morning at 09:00. We’ll ride south to Cannon Falls, and bring your own food, because the bakery isn’t open on Sunday. We’ll make a stop at the county park at Lake Byllesby and skip the trip into town. We’ll follow the 56-mile route counterclockwise and should finish around Noon.

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Ride Saturday, April 20

Warm and windy weather is in store for us on Saturday, which is pretty typical for our spring-time rides. We’ll do our first morning ride of the season, so no sleeping in this week. 😊

Plan to leave Rosemount at 08:00 and ride south to Northfield (55 miles), Castle Rock (44 miles), or Farmington (25 miles), depending on your time and fitness constraints. We’ll go counterclockwise and south on Hwy 3 to the roundabout at 195th St, rather than taking Pilot Knob Rd. In Northfield, we’ll stop at Brick Oven Bakery for some goodies.

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Ride Saturday, April 6

April showers are coming this weekend, although we should be able to get a ride in on Saturday afternoon. The forecast says it will rain lightly until Noon and then the chance goes way down. and it’s supposed to be in the low 60s. so hopefully we can leave Starbucks at 13:00 (1 PM). We’ll head somewhere south, and if the forecast changes, I’ll send an email by Noon to cancel or change the start time.

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Ride Sunday, March 31

Let's take advantage of (better) weather forecast for Sunday and ride at 13:00 (1 PM) that afternoon, instead of Saturday. We will follow the Orchard Lake route counter clockwise. The full route is 45 miles, and you can shorten that by ten miles by returning to Rosemount via Hwy 3. We’ll make a pit stop at Orchard Lake, even though the rest rooms will probably be closed.

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Order Your 2019 Club Kit

For 2019, we are again offering custom RCC clothing from Louis Garneau. You may go to their store now to order our new arm warmers and our 2018 jersey and bib shorts, which are available in men’s cuts. Garneau's store for RCC is open until Thursday, March 21 at 11 PM, and it is time to order and pay for your 2019 club kit. Your next opportunity to order a these items will be 2021, or later.

Those of you who own the 2018 kit know the quality and fit of the Garneau kit. And, if you have the 2018 shorts, you know that they have an incredibly comfortable chamois.

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