Ride Saturday, September 14

The rain and winds will clear and we’ll have good weather for our group ride Saturday. We’ll use our 56-mile route south to Cannon Falls and follow the route counter-clockwise — the opposite direction from a few weeks ago. The weather will be a bit cooler Saturday (54–66 degrees), light SSE winds, and a mix of clouds and sun. Arm warmers and/or a vest may be good kit to include on your ride.

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Ride Saturday, September 7

I want to show you a new route that I’ve been noodling and scouting for a while. The route is about 58 miles long and crosses the Minnesota River at two different places, so there’s some climbing but it’s worth it for the scenery as we ride to Prior Lake via Bloomington. I’ve ridden most of this route in various pieces and I think you’ll like it. The stop at Edelweiss in Prior Lake will be about 38 miles into the ride, so a little farther out than usual.

We should have great weather again Saturday with light winds from the north and temps from 59 to 66 degrees. We’ll leave Rosemount at 08:00, as usual.

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Ride Saturday, August 24

The weather forecast for Saturday looks good, with temps from 62 to 72 degrees, and moderate winds (8 – 12 mph) from the southeast, so I suggest the group ride to Cannon Falls, while I’m away this week. Nearly everyone knows the route and you’ll have a good tail wind coming back, so that should make this a good route. You can go clockwise or counter clockwise and, as usual, the ride will leave Rosemount at 08:00.

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Ride Saturday, August 3

The weather is going to be perfect this weekend, so let’s do a longer ride than usual. We’ll follow the 81-mile Red Wing route, which we’ve done a couple of times before at this time of year, so many of you have seen this loop. The ride will start from Rosemount at 08:00 and we will ride to the Lock and Dam in Hastings for a quick stop. We’ll proceed through Prescott, along scenic and hilly Wisconsin Hwy 35 to Red Wing, where we’ll stop at Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop. This will be an 81-mile route with about 1,700 feet of climbing, so expect return to Rosemount around 13:00. This is a no-drop ride, so we'll group up at the top of the hills and keep a lower pace than normal, due to the ride length.

For those of you who need to go shorter, you may start at the Lock and Dam in Hastings at 09:00 and join us for the ride to Red Wing; that loop is about 55-miles. Or, you may start from Rosemount and do the 53-mile Revenna Trail route or the 38-mile Hastings route.

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Ride Sunday, July 21

Update (07:00): The forecast says rain is coming today at 07:45, so the ride has been postponed to Sunday at 08:00. We’ll leave Rosemount Sunday at 08:00 and follow our Northfield route counter clockwise. Tom Meyerhoffer told me that there’s road construction on the the way there on CR 23, so we’ll have to detour around it. We’ll stop at Brick Oven Bakery in Northfield and return home.

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