Ride Saturday, October 19

As requested by many of you, we will return to the Prior Lake via Bloomington route that we rode on September 7. The route is about 59 miles long and it crosses the Minnesota River at two different places, so there’s some climbing but it’s worth it for the scenery and this time we’ll have beautiful Fall colors along the way. We can do a stop at a Cyclocross race in Bloomington’s Moir Park and/or Edelweiss in Prior Lake — I’ll let you decide Saturday.

We should have great weather again Saturday with moderate winds from the west and temps from 50 to 58 degrees. We’ll leave Rosemount at 08:30, since the sun is coming up at 07:30 now.

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Ride Saturday, October 27

We should have normal temperatures and light wind this Saturday and that will make our ride this week more enjoyable than the previous couple of weeks. If you've been riding indoors, try coming back outside and join us this weekend.

This week, we will leave Rosemount at 09:00 and ride to Prior Lake and back, with a stop at Edelweiss Bakery. I think the trail along Blackdog Road and 35W is closed due to construction and flooding, so we may need to take another route to Prior Lake. If you’ve ridden there recently, let me know the status Saturday or via email. I have a couple of other routes we can use.

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Ride Saturday, July 28

Saturday, we will ride to Prior Lake. We will following the Orchard Lake route for most of the route, since the trail along the Minnesota River is still underwater and we can't use the normal Prior Lake route. This route will be about 55 miles and it will include a stop at Edelwiess Bakery. As usual, we'll leave Rosemount at 08:00.

Earlier this month, four girls from the NorthStar Development team — Jenn Mettler, Erika Peterson, Lily Ensign, and Josephine Rimirez — raced in Canada at the Le Tour de la relève internationale de Rimouski. They competed in the five-day race and we helped them get there with a $400 sponsorship to reduce the cost of their trip.

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Ride Saturday, Aug 19

Saturday, we will ride from Starbucks to Edelwiess Bakery in Prior Lake and back for a flat 50-mile ride. (Follow the link to see or download the course, which includes the Old Cedar Ave bridge and trail along the Minnesota River.) We'll start at 08:15 sharp and we should finish about 11:00. The only time we've ridden most of this route was last October, so I hope you enjoy some new roads.

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