Rosemount Cycling Club is a group of riders who get together on Saturday mornings to share our love for road riding. We meet at Starbucks in Rosemount Minnesota for a ride that follows a different route every week to provide a variety of roads, elevation change, and scenery. We strive for a safe ride that everyone can enjoy and have fun doing week after week.

Our Meetup Location: Starbucks, 14903 South Robert Trail


If you've just found us, welcome. To learn about our group rides, you should read what to expect on a ride. To receive ride announcements and email communications from club members, join our mail list by sending an email to; anyone interested in the club's activities may join. We send emails to the group every week announcing the meet-up time and route that will be used for the upcoming Saturday ride. These messages are also posted to the Announcements blog. The route may change Saturday morning, due to changing or uncertain weather conditions.

Our Google Groups list has more than 100 recipients and we typically have about 20 to 30 riders join us on rides during the Summer months. We welcome new riders, especially women; a majority of the ride is a no-drop, group ride. Often, the last 10% of the ride becomes an "anything goes" finish, where the group may break up and faster riders may drop slower riders.


Cory Wagner

Organizer and Ride Leader
Photo by Jill Wagner

Regular riders are expected to contribute annual dues to become members. Dues collected and not needed for club activities may be donated to bicycling-related charities. Members enjoy discounts at Grand Performance, our club shop. Members may also join our Strava group, where they can compete against other club members and see their ride activity.

There are various rides organized by or involving Club Members. These rides are not sponsored by the Club. The Club does not sponsor any rides. Participation is considered "at your own risk." Whether you start the ride from the parking lot or any other starting point or join the ride at any point out on the road, your presence means you are in agreement that you are riding at your own risk and will not hold the Club, any Club Member, or any other riders responsible for any unfortunate result that may occur from participation in the ride.

We look forward to seeing you at our next ride.