Ride Saturday, October 27

We should have normal temperatures and light wind this Saturday and that will make our ride this week more enjoyable than the previous couple of weeks. If you've been riding indoors, try coming back outside and join us this weekend.

This week, we will leave Rosemount at 09:00 and ride to Prior Lake and back, with a stop at Edelweiss Bakery. I think the trail along Blackdog Road and 35W is closed due to construction and flooding, so we may need to take another route to Prior Lake. If you’ve ridden there recently, let me know the status Saturday or via email. I have a couple of other routes we can use.

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Ride Sunday, October 21

I hope you had a chance to get out for a ride today, like I did, because it was beautiful and this weekend it will be back to abnormally-cold and windy conditions. The forecast for this Saturday is worse than last Saturday, so we’ll ride on Sunday morning. At 09:00 Sunday, we’ll follow the Orchard Lake route, which will provide some shelter from the wind and give us a good workout.

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Ride Saturday, October 6

This week, Gary Johnson, the club’s founder and former ride leader, will host a special ride from his new home town. Gary’s ride will start at 08:00 from downtown Wayzata's Starbucks (740 Lake St E, Wayzata). The route will go south through Chaska, Victoria, Excelsior, and back to Wayzata for about 60–65 miles.

If you can’t make it to Gary’s ride, meet at 08:00 at Starbucks in Rosemount and ride with other club members. I plan to join Gary, so let me know if you want to lead the ride from Rosemount otherwise those who show up will have to figure out a route.

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Ride Saturday, September 29

They are predicting our first frost of the season on Saturday morning, so let’s push the start time back an hour. I don’t mind riding in the upper 30s, but not until later in the season. The cool temps last week didn’t hurt the turnout, so I expect the same this week.

This week, we’ll leave Rosemount at 09:00 and follow our Orchard Lake route counterclockwise. So, you can do the full 45-mile route, or cut it short for 35 miles. We’ll stop at Orchard Lake Beach for a nature and food break, so bring food.

I’ve created a short survey to see how we’re doing. Please take two minutes to fill it out.

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Ride Saturday, September 22

This year’s hot weather is mostly gone now, and Saturday it will be a lot cooler than it was last week, so you’ll need to get out your cool-weather kit for the ride. If you need some help figuring out what to wear, check out the posts about clothing on our Cycling Tips blog, including a new post, titled “A Clothing Guide for Cyclists,” that I wrote to help new riders extend their season.

It’ll be windy from the south again this week, so we’ll try to avoid the cross winds by riding to Cannon Falls. We’ll leave Rosemount at 8:00 and follow the posted route clockwise, with a stop at Hi-Quality Bakery.

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Ride Saturday, September 15

This week, we'll ride south to one of our favorite destinations, Northfield. We will leave Rosemount at 8:00 and follow the route clockwise; stopping at Brick Oven Bakery for a bite to eat.

Thank you to Don and Mike for leading the rides, while I was away the last two weeks. I haven't been on a bike for nearly three weeks, so hopefully my legs don't revolt Saturday morning.

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