Ride Saturday, June 16

Update Saturday: You can go back to bed. Today's ride is cancelled, due to rain and thunderstorms in the area. By the time they clear out it will be too hot to ride. I have plans Sunday, so I won't be able to lead a ride then. It will be quite hot this weekend, so stay hydrated.

This week, we will ride to Northfield, leaving Rosemount at 08:00 and going counter-clockwise. We'll stop at Blue Monday for some refreshments and return to Rosemount before the temps get into the 90s.

The last several weeks, we've had at least one flat tire each ride, so please check the condition of your tires before your next ride. Our web site has several tips about avoiding flats and tire care and that may help you from becoming the next rider to be changing a tube at the side of the road.

Finally, I've received membership dues from 34 riders so far this year, which is about half of the people on our mailing list. Your participation and financial support is necessary and appreciated. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

Rides Saturday, June 9

Saturday, we will leave Rosemount at 08:00 and follow a 70-mile course, which is based on the Revenna Trail route that we did a couple of weeks ago, and it includes a couple of roads that we haven't been on for a few years. We are going clockwise, so even the same roads will feel like new ones. The Prairie Island route will take us through Hastings and out Revenna Trail and beyond to near the Prairie Island power plant, where there's a 2.75-mile, 383 foot climb at the half-way point and then we return to Rosemount with a tail wind. If you need to make shorter, there are a couple of good turnaround points. If it rains Saturday morning, we will do the same ride Sunday at the same time.

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Ride Sunday, June 3

It's supposed to rain all day Saturday, so we will ride Sunday morning instead. We'll ride north into Minneapolis to the Greenway and stop at Sabastian Joe's. Sunday, the ride will start at 08:00 from Starbucks and we'll follow the Greenway route counter clockwise. The High Bridge is closed, so we will change the route some and cross the river at Wabasha Street.

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Ride Saturday, Apr 28

It looks like it will be a great day for a ride again Saturday. This week's ride will leave Starbucks at 09:00 and follow the Northfield route clockwise for 56 miles. We usually stop at Blue Monday, in downtown Northfield, for a pastry and coffee. If you need a shorter route, you can take one of a couple shortcuts, like staying on CR 66 west to Farmington, rather than turning south at CR 79 (Blaine Avenue). Another shortcut would be to turn west at CR 86 (280th St). I'm giving you a couple of options here, because I won't be able to lead the ride. Someone familiar with the route will have to step up an lead the group.

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Rides Sat, Sun, April 21–22

It has been three weeks since our last outdoor ride, and I bet you're as frustrated as I am about this spring weather. To try to make up for lost time, I'm planning to do two rides this weekend. Neither ride will be fast or furious, until the end, because most of us have spring legs and we need to keep everyone together and having fun. There's both a morning and an afternoon ride, so hopefully you can make it to one or both of them.

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