Club Kit Order Update

Today, I received a report of our club's orders from Garneau and I'm happy to report that we exceeded the minimums for all items and everyone has paid for the items they selected during the pre-order period. Thank you for your participation and attentiveness throughout the ordering process. Garneau received orders from 35 people for a total of 98 items. Some of you ordered both men's and women's items and others order multiple items. I think you all appreciated how our sponsor dollars helped cut the prices. In fact, you took full advantage and used all of the available funds and then some.

Orders for women's jerseys and shorts were more than double the pre-sale amounts, which is great. Price parity and the sponsor discount was key for some people. Orders for men's jerseys and bib shorts increased by about eight.

I've learned a lot throughout the four-month process and I hope to use that knowledge to make this go a bit better next time, in a couple of years, when we're ready for a new order. I'm excited to see the finished product, which I'm guessing will be ready around the beginning of April; and just in time to wear them.

Thanks to Dan, Mike, and the whole team at Grand Performance for their sponsorship and assistance.