Ride Saturday, Mar 3

It looks like the weather Saturday will be favorable for an outdoor ride at 1:00 – our first club ride in 2018. For those of you who aren't in Palm Desert this week, this may be your first chance to ride outdoors in a few months. Unfortunately, I won't be able to join you, because I'll be ice fishing in Door County this weekend.

The temps should be in the mid to upper forties Saturday afternoon, but it will be windy from the southeast, so I suggest riding to Hastings and back and you'll have a nice cross tail on the way home. It will be the first ride for nearly everyone, and there can be a larger fitness disparity at this time of the year, so take it easy and don't make anyone regret joining the group for an early ride.

Meet at Starbucks and be ready to ride at 1:00. Remember, it's the first ride, so it will take you longer to get ready. Do you know where you put your cycling stuff?