Ride Saturday, May 5

Updated Friday: This week, we will be riding the Cannon Falls route clockwise. We will leave Starbucks at 08:00, which will be our normal summertime start time. In Cannon Falls, we'll stop at Hi-Quality Bakery for some pastries and a pit stop. The 56-mile route should take us three hours to complete.

In June, the North Star Bike Festival returns to MSP and that means that the women and men of USA Pro Road Tour will be here to entertain us again. The festival is a completely volunteer run organization, made up of people just like you who have a passion for cycling or want to further the sport in Minnesota. There are never enough of volunteers, and they are always looking for more great people. There are a wide range of volunteering opportunities suitable to all preferences, ranging from seated to physically demanding. You are sure to find a role that is perfect for you.