Ride Saturday, Apr 28

It looks like it will be a great day for a ride again Saturday. This week's ride will leave Starbucks at 09:00 and follow the Northfield route clockwise for 56 miles. We usually stop at Blue Monday, in downtown Northfield, for a pastry and coffee. If you need a shorter route, you can take one of a couple shortcuts, like staying on CR 66 west to Farmington, rather than turning south at CR 79 (Blaine Avenue). Another shortcut would be to turn west at CR 86 (280th St). I'm giving you a couple of options here, because I won't be able to lead the ride. Someone familiar with the route will have to step up an lead the group.

Last weekend, we had a great turnout and a several new riders. For those of you who are new to the club, our rides usually work like this. The group rides together, at tempo pace, for the first 90% of the route. Over the last 5 miles, or so, riders may go as hard and fast as they want and we call this "anything goes." We usually stop around the half-way point, for a bit of food and drink, and a nature break. Riders are free to join the group or drop off at any time throughout the ride.