It's Time to Pre-Order 2018 Club Gear

Note: This page was update on February 2.

Garneau's store for RCC will re-open soon. We are setting the final pricing before we open the store again around February 6.

There was a two-step ordering process, so we can estimate interest and final pricing:

  1. Select the items that you plan to purchase, and check out.
  2. About a week later you will return to the store to see the final pricing and pay for those items.

We are doing it this way for two reasons. We don't know whether we will have 12 orders for the women's jersey and shorts and that will effect the cost per item. We will use money from our sponsors to apply a discount to each item that you order. (GP's discount has already been applied.) So, your final cost will be less than what's shown on the store today and the women's items will have price parity with the men's items.

Before January 31, go to Garneau's store for RCC and select the items that you wish to purchase. After the store closes on January 31, we will review the totals for each item and apply the appropriate discounts. We will re-open the store and you will have a couple of days to return to the store and pay for your order. Finally, the orders will go to manufacturing and be shipped to us four to six weeks later.

The fit kit is available at the Grand Performance shop and sizing guides are provided on the store.


Q: Do we simply select the items add to cart. and sign out?
A: You must check out, like on any other online store, otherwise your selections will be lost. You won't be asked for payment information until later, when the final price is set. You will receive an email message from with the details of your pre-order selections and another email later, when the store re-opens for final payment.

Q: Why are the prices for the women's cuts more than the men's cuts?
A: The men's items show a lower cost, because the quantity discount has been applied to them and the women's items do not. The women will not have to pay more than the men for the same items, because we will use sponsor money to bring them to parity, if needed. The women's jersey is listed for $20 more than the men's jersey, because that would be our cost, if we have 6 to 12 orders. The women's shorts are also marked up by $20 for the same reason. With the same quantity discount, the women's shorts are less expensive than the men's bib shorts.

Q: Why is the cost of the items is so low. I thought we were getting the same quality as the SPBRC club kits, or am I wrong?
A: The price is low, because we are getting them for GP's cost. These items are very good quality and they should last a long time. The jersey and shorts are the same style as the SPBRC club kit and they've been using it for years. The jersey's material is similar to our old black red and white kits. It's not the race jersey that LG offers. The bib shorts have the 4motion chamois, which I've heard from several people is quite nice.

Q: What's the team password?
A: When you start the checkout process, the store asks you to enter your email address and set a password for your account. The next page will ask for your address. After you save that information, you've completed the process and an email with your order information will be sent to your email address.

Q: I have a typo in my account information. How do I fix that?
A: Go to the Accounts link in the upper-right corner of the window and change the invalid information.

Q. What size kit should I order?
A: For the best fit, try on a kit at our club shop, Grand Performance. I found that I need a medium jersey and extra-large bib shorts (for the length) and I'm 6' 2" tall.

Q: Can I change my selections after I complete the pre-order?
A: If you wish to make changes, you can add more items before the pre-order window closes. Please make sure your updated cart has ALL products you intend to purchase.