Ride Saturday, Aug 19

Saturday, we will ride from Starbucks to Edelwiess Bakery in Prior Lake and back for a flat 50-mile ride. (Follow the link to see or download the course, which includes the Old Cedar Ave bridge and trail along the Minnesota River.) We'll start at 08:15 sharp and we should finish about 11:00. The only time we've ridden most of this route was last October, so I hope you enjoy some new roads.

Last Saturday, everyone did a nice job of giving the less-experienced Chain Breaker riders room when we passed them on CR 46. They probably aren't used to riding close to other riders, so thanks for giving them room. We also had some cars and trucks on CR 46 that passed awful close to us. We were riding near the fog line when we didn't need to, so let's keep as far right as feasible on all roads to avoid problems with vehicles. We're never going to win that battle, so give them room when you can.

The Vuelta a España is on NBC's Olympic Channel Aug 19 - Sep 10, with a 12-hour delay and prime-time viewing for the last grand tour of 2017.