Ride Saturday, Sept 2

Saturday, starting at 08:00, not 08:15, we will ride from Rosemount, through Hastings and Prescott, to Red Wing (use the link for the approximate course) and back to Rosemount. There's a new trail from Hastings to Prescott, which we'll take for that part of the course, and there are some nice hills on this ride for about 2000 feet of climbing. We will stop in Red Wing to refuel at Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop and/or Quick Trip. Both places are close together and offer many food options and rest rooms. This is a no-drop ride, so we'll group up at the top of the hills and keep a lower pace than normal, due to the ride length.

The full ride is 85 miles, so those who want a shorter ride, will have two options: ride with us to Lock and Dam No 2 in Hastings or meet us there at 09:00. If we arrive early, we'll wait until 09:00. We should finish the full ride at about 13:00.