Ride Saturday, July 13

This week, the group will ride to Hastings and follow the 53-mile Revenna Trail route. Someone will need to step up an lead the group and decide whether to go clockwise or counter clockwise. Add the route to your bike computer, so you know were to go. There are a couple of places for a nature break, but no bakery stops, so bring food. The weather should be beautiful with a light, 3 to 5 mph wind from the east and temps 71 to 82 degrees.

I’ll be with my family camping and riding in the Lanesboro area, so I won’t be leading the ride this week. When you’re at the front of the group, remember to look back and keep everyone together; at least until the last ten percent of the ride when anything goes. Everyone’s been doing a very good job of rotating with the wind this year, so keep it up.