Ride Saturday, June 15

 Update: There's some rain moving through, and Rosemount is on the southern edge of it right now. After that rolls through, it's supposed to be dry, so today's ride will start at 09:00. We'll do the Revenna Trail route counter clockwise.

The details of the weather forecast for our Saturday ride keeps changing, but the current prediction is temps of 66 to 72 degrees, winds from the East at 7 to 8 mph and a 20 to 40% chance of rain. With that in mind, let’s plan to leave Rosemount at 09:00, ride to Hastings, and stop at the Lock and Dam. If the weather looks good, we can follow our Hastings Revenna Trail route, but return via CR 46, instead of CR 66. If it looks like rain, we can return more directly via CR 46. You may want to bring a rain jacket or vest to stay warm if we get caught in the rain.