Rides Friday & Saturday, Nov 24 & 26

The weather is looking good for us this long weekend, so I think a couple more rides may be in order this year. It looks like it should reach around 50 degrees on Friday and Sunday, so you can plan on a ride leaving Starbucks at 13:00 both days. I have family plans on Friday, so I won't be able to ride, but I will lead the Sunday ride.

Our new kit design is coming along well and we have our sponsors on board, which will make the cost quite reasonable. We replaced Health Partners with Twin Cities Orthopedic and kept the other sponsors. We are keeping the same color pallet and some design elements, while moving to a brighter, simpler jersey design. You should be able to wear the new kit with the previous kit and it should still look good together.

The details of the design will change a bit as we work with Garneau and finalize the logo artwork and placement. Thanks to Mark Lacy, Mark Parr, Randy Twito, Doug Blomker, and Fritz Ferris for their help and advice throughout this process. I'll provide more details when we're ready to start taking orders, if not sooner.