Ride Saturday, Sept 30

This week, the wind will be out of the south again, so we will ride to Cannon Falls clockwise for 56 miles. We'll leave Starbucks, in Rosemount, at 08:15 and we should return around 11:30.

It will be cool an windy, so dress appropriately. A vest, arm warmers, and light gloves may be appropriate for you. If you ride to the start and want to shed some clothing, I'm happy to keep it in my car during the ride. I may also be able to help you out if you're under dressed and need another layer. I also keep a tire pump in my car, which you may use.

Here's one of Gary's tips, on cold weather clothing, which seems appropriate for the coming ride:
I mentioned this little tip before and thought it worth while to mention again. Most of you drive to our ride on Saturday and you have a complete wardrobe of bike clothes with you. For those of us who ride to [the coffee shop], it can be a guessing game as far as how much to wear without overheating. I have more than once been under-dressed leaving the house only to turn back a mile later for something more. The rule of thumb that will help you is, you should be slightly uncomfortable for the first 3 mi. If you are OK after that then you are dressed just right.

If you're interested in leading a ride, or if you have a route suggestion, let me know.