Mid-Season Maintenance

I have 24 places on my machine to check to make sure nothing is loose. You might be surprised at what has loosened up that can be a problem out on the road. Don't forget your cleat bolts on your shoes. Check the hub bearings on your wheels by spinning them between your thumb and forefinger. You shouldn't feel any resistance or roughness. Also there should be very little play in the bearings.

Keep a Spare Bike

Here's a helpful tip that I have lately experienced. Always keep a spare bike in the stable just in case something happens to your regular machine. On Memorial Day my Ridley got sick on a Flanders ride at 19mph. 5 broken rear spokes, and my front derallieur some how being yanked off my seat tube with frame damage. Adrian who is the wrench at Flanders Cycle told me it will be at least a month before hearing about a possible new frame set. Now, I have discovered a new appreciation for my Serotta back up and life goes on with a smile!!

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