Wider is Better

A lot of the guys who I know that have racing for a long time are switching from riding 23c's to 25c's and here's why. Yes, 25's are a little heavier, but I want you to put away your lighter is better attitude here because 25's not only provide a larger foot print on the road, but provide a more racing tire (tubulars, sew ups) effect that you can feel on the road. And with the combination of some wheel sets like the Hed Ardennes you can also ride with a little lower air pressure than the typical 100-110lbs. without sacrificing rolling resistance.

I'm also impressed with the fact I have not had a flat in 3,000 mi. which has never happened in the past. And with the wheel set and a pair of Continental Grand Prix 4000 or 4000S my rear tire mileage has increased to 3,000 miles with my body weight at 165. Even though they are pricey at $70-75 per tire I think you will like the change. Of course Dan Casebeer at Grand Performance has prices on these to Rosemount Cycling members cheaper than you can find them on line a lot of the time.