Riding Tempo

You hear this term being used in professional racing especially when there is a breakaway of riders and the main group wants the gap between them and the breakaway to remain the same, or come down in order to set up their sprinters for the win.

So, tempo usually is a speed between 28mph-35mph. The speed is consistently 1-2mph. on a flat road. It slows down slightly going uphill, and will pick up speed going downhill before returning to the original speed.

This consistent speed eliminates an accordion effect, slowing and speeding up. Here's a good example that we use on our rides in the spring when there is a cross wind.

You've heard me call out to the group referring to the magic number being 17mph. For rider safety and consistency this is the speed not only to control the mph., but the most efficient way a group of riders can go from point A to B without going into the "red zone" as far as heart rate and wattage used.