Zwift Meetup, December 22

We’re going try Zwift’s new meet-up feature to do an indoor, virtual group ride. The ride will be Saturday at 09:00 and it will be led by Cory Wagner. The ride will follow the NYC Knickerbocker route, in reverse, for 50 KM (31 miles). To join the meetup, you must be a Zwift user who follows Cory, and he needs to invite you to the ride. If you are a Zwift user and you haven’t been invited, follow Cory and he’ll invite you.

I assume that meetups are like other Zwift events, where you must join the event before the start time. You may join up 15 minutes before the start and you can leave at any time. Don’t be late.


To talk to each other during the ride, and make it more fun, we’re going to use the free Discord service. The first-time setup is easy and should be done before the ride.

  1. Install the Discord app on your phone or PC.

  2. Create an account.

  3. Add Rosemount Cycling Club’s server: JVPkUjG.

  4. During the ride, connect headphones (with a microphone) to your phone or PC.

  5. Start the Discord app and join the club’s General voice channel.

  6. Talk to other riders.

  7. After the ride, hang up via the icon with the old-school handset and x.

We hope to see you at the virtual ride.