Off-season Maintenance

Winter is here and it's been quite cold so far this season. I've been cleaning, waxing, and maintaining my bikes. I'm also riding on my trainer and exercising indoors to strengthen my core and keep in shape. I bet many of you are doing the same.

During this off-season, I've also been busy moving our web site to a new hosting provider, so it can be more modern, fresh, and connected with social media. The web site features our new logo, which recognizes Gary's work to build and lead the club over the last 15 years. The new logo will also be on our new kits, which will be available to order soon.

I also created a Facebook page, a Facebook group and a Twitter account for the club. These social media services will offer our members more ways to communicate and keep updated on the club's activities. The new web site and social media will make it easier for new riders find us. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to Joel for setting up and maintaining the previous site for so many years.

Happy New Year riders.