What to Expect on a Ride

  • During the Summer months, rides are usually around 55 miles, give or take 15 miles, at an 18 to 20 mph moving average. Occasionally, we do longer rides that are up to 85 miles long. During the shoulder seasons — Spring and Fall — rides are shorter and a bit slower. We ride whenever the weather allows. We do not (try to) ride in the rain or when temps are below freezing.
  • Our group rides will use different speeds — Moderate, 18 to 20 mph, Moderately hard, 20 to 22 mph, and Hard, 22 to 30 mph. With this format there is a speed that a lot of serious riders can use. If you can ride at a pace of 18 to 20 mph by yourself on a non-windy day for 20 miles, you can keep up with our pace for at least half of our ride.
  • We use numerous routes, mostly in Dakota County, that are 30 to 85 miles long. These routes can be found here so you can learn and use them as a group or a solo rider.
  • Ride leaders mentor and teach the skills that the pros use, like riding in a group and drafting off the rider in front of you and feeling comfortable doing so.
  • We welcome new riders, especially women; a majority of the ride is a no-drop, group ride. Often, the last 10% of the ride becomes an "anything goes" finish, where the group may break up and faster riders may drop slower riders.
pace lines.png
  • We use several drafting formations to share the work and keep everyone together. Most commonly, we use single and double pace lines in order to ride faster especially in windy conditions.
  • Be aware of your tire condition, because we all have better things to do than wait for you to fix a flat. You should be proficient at fixing a flat and complete the task in 15 minutes or less.
  • Helmets are required on our rides; and please stay at the back of the pack if you use aero bars.
  • Our rides are not sponsored group rides. Participation is considered "at your own risk." Whether you start the ride from the parking lot or join us at any point out on the road, your presence means you are in agreement that you are riding at your own risk and will not hold any other riders responsible for any unfortunate result that may occur from participation in the ride.